Our community is an essential element to Washington PBL. There are four great ways for local businesses and individuals to be involved and become a Friend of PBL:

Volunteering your time helps us develop 21st century leaders and national champions. You can volunteer your time as a career mentor, using your skills, being a competitive event judge, or more. When you volunteer as a competitive event judge for the State Leadership Conference and/or the National Leadership Conference, you aid our students in improving their business and technical skills in many different career areas.​

You can sponsor any of our competitive events at SLC, and make a donation to the organization at the chapter or state level. Your financial contributions help keep the cost of conference registration and programmatic operations low for our members.

​Washington PBL welcomes short- and long-term partnerships with for-profit and nonprofit organizations alike. Because we believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, our relationships not only increase opportunities for our members, but also provides great opportunities for your organization.

​Washington PBL prides itself in bringing world class business and industry leaders together with our members to learn from each other during our conferences and special events. At SLC, speakers have the option of becoming a keynote speaker, or holding a workshop about their selected topic. We are looking for business/industry leaders with stories that will help our student members develop into next generation professional business leaders.