Every year, Washington Phi Beta Lambda hosts an annual State Leadership Conference (SLC) in late winter/early spring that comprises the business and community of PBL. It is an exciting time of year where members across Washington State join together and learn more about PBL while traveling, networking, and competing amongst one another. To qualify and compete at the annual National Leadership Conference this summer, members must place 1st at SLC in their competitive event(s). This 2-day conference is a pinnacle experience for most state members, and it is a great opportunity for everyone to be a part of it, regardless if you are a member, adviser, volunteer, professional, supporter, or judge.

​Here is what to expect at the State Leadership Conference:

  • Academic and Business Competitions
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Career Development Workshops
  • Community Service Event​
  • Exhibits
  • ​Keynote Speaker
  • Leadership Training
  • National Officer guest appearance
  • Networking
  • State Chapter Meeting
  • State Officer Elections​

All members attending SLC must be a paid state and national member by February 15. The conference registration deadline is typically 2 weeks prior to the first day of SLC, which includes the conference dues and the registration of each member’s competitive events.

Running for State Office

Being a State Officer gives you the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of your fellow student members. You’ll be involved in and lead hands-on projects that encompass every component of the organization, from planning conferences to outreach, finding other officers, and representing Washington PBL in your community, state, and nation.

The best candidates for State Office positions are highly motivated self-starters. They are fired up to make positive change in their chapters, state, and community. These are the people who stand out in a crowd, who constantly strive to raise the bar for themselves and those around them. They’re well organized, hard workers who excel at communication and work well with others.

A great place to begin developing your skill is by running for office in your chapter! This gives you an opportunity to learn more about the bigger picture and peek behind the scenes a bit at what happens in Washington PBL. You’ll get to help your chapter develop and run projects, give back to your community, and hone your leadership skills for a state or national position.

All officers work together to execute projects on a state-wide level, including the operations of the annual State Leadership Conference. Deadline: SLC registration

  • The President represents Washington PBL in an official capacity at State and National events. This person is actively involved in raising awareness of Washington PBL and works with the State Executive Council to coordinate with the State Officers and the State Adviser. If applicable, the president appoints a parliamentarian into office.
  • The Executive Vice President is responsible for assisting the President when needed, and acting as president when the President is absent.
  • The Vice President of Communication documents State Chapter meetings, maintains exemplary records for legal and historical purposes, and distributes information to members and advisers in Washington State.
  • The Vice President of Finance accurately records and reports monthly financial statements, with assistance of the State Adviser. This person organizes state and charitable fundraisers, while reaching out to corporate sponsors, partners, and other resources.
  • The Vice President of Membership maintains flow and order at meetings, using parliamentary procedures from the newest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised

For others who want to get involved with expanding and dedicating your service to WA PBL, come join our Board of Directors!

State Officer Candidacy Guidelines

  • All candidates must be a paid state and national member by the SLC registration deadline.
  • Candidates also must have at least 1 year left of his/her academic program.
  • After SLC registration, we will not accept anymore state officer applications. However, if a member is interested in running for office, there must be a vacancy in any position during the Opening Ceremony of the State Leadership Conference. A member or adviser must nominate a member who agrees to run for that office during the Campaign Rally.
  • No more than two (2) members from the same local chapter may be elected for state office. Unopposed candidates or appointed officers will not be eliminated from these restrictions.
  • If there is a vacant position by the end of the State Leadership Conference, we will hold applications for those particular offices until they are filled.​​