What is an adviser?

An adviser of a PBL chapter can be a professor, lecturer, faculty, or staff member at a post-secondary institution.

What is the role of an adviser?

The adviser ensures that their PBL chapter remains active on their campus with the help of their student officer team. The adviser often meets with their student leaders on a regular basis, coaches and guides their members as they select community service projects, fundraising opportunities, and competitive events. Additionally, the adviser registers members for local, state, and national membership, as well as conferences with their respective competitive events.

In coordination with the chapter, the adviser must assist coordinating chapter status with their campus Student Activities Office.

How do I become the best adviser?

  • Advise and guide your student chapter; never dictate!
  • Learn about the resources of your college/university and what FBLA-PBL has to offer.
  • Encourage members to become involved in all levels of PBL.
  • Be knowledgeable about Washington PBL: goals, values, structure, and bylaws.
  • Establish basic ground rules and high expectations that helps students lead themselves.
  • Assist students in developing a Program of Work and a Calendar of Events.
  • Center the activities and events of your chapter towards the students, not the adviser.
  • Submit membership dues as early as October 20 and prior to April 15 to maximize all student membership benefits.
  • Provide training for chapter officers and committee chairpersons.
  • Assist in establishing a library of chapter files and materials.
  • Work closely with the Chapter Treasurer to oversee finances during the fiscal year.
  • Facilitate the transition from school to work with the promotion of leadership and career development programs.