The Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP) is a comprehensive leadership and membership recognition program for college students. It utilizes PBL projects, goals, and programs to help college students develop their leadership and job skills, with a special emphasis on career development and preparation for the world of work. Members work independently through three integrated levels of the CMAP:

The Director level focuses on an introduction to community service, career research, and local PBL involvement. Awarding and recognition for completing this level is done at the local level such as a local meeting or ceremony. Deadline: March 1

The Executive level focuses on developing job interview skills, state and national PBL involvement, public relations activities, and leadership skills. Awarding and recognition for completing this level is done at the next State Chapter Meeting or the annual State Leadership Conference. Pre-requisite: Director level. Deadline: March 1

​The President level focuses on total association leadership, business skills, and involvement in community. Awarding and recognition is done at the annual National Leadership Conference. Pre-requisite: Executive level. Deadline: March 1

Outstanding Chapter

Open to all PBL chapters, this recognition program encourages recruitment, retention, member involvement, community service, leadership and career exploration, and more. National Leadership Conference (NLC) delegates from chapters that complete twenty-one (21) activities receive a pin in their NLC registration packets. Deadline: April 2

Competitive Events

The Competitive Events Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. At the State Leadership Conference each late winter/early spring, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills. State winners and other members who want to compete in national competitive events not used at SLC that year are then eligible to compete for national awards at the National Leadership Conference each summer.

Each event is governed by specific guidelines and rating sheets, format guides, and in the Competitive Events section of the Chapter Management Handbook, updated and published each August. Make sure you are using the most recent version of the guidelines to prepare for your competition.

Competitive events fall into three categories: individual, team, and chapter. Individual and team events focus on skills useful in leadership and career development; chapter events recognize overall achievement and performance in chapter management and growth. Be sure to check out the reference guide before selecting your competitive events.


The Adopt-A-Chapter Program is a community-based project that bridges the gap between FBLA-PBL. Each active local PBL chapter may partner up with a nearby FBLA chapter and mentor high school students that will significantly enhance their academic, professional, and personal goals and aspirations. Participating chapters may use this program in the Outstanding Chapter Program.

The Good Neighbor program is a recognition incentive where local PBL chapters assists the chartering of a new or inactive chapter at a nearby college or university. Deadline: April 1

Membership Madness & Mania

PBL members who recruit at least five (5 for Membership Madness) and ten (10 for Membership Mania) new members receive a certificate of recognition and are recognized on the national Website. Local chapter advisers are encouraged to present this award to winning members at a local PBL ceremony, meeting, or event. ​Deadline: April 1

National FBLA-PBL Week

The second week of February is FBLA-PBL Week. Chapters are encouraged to publicize their activities, boost their membership, and gear up for spring events.

FBLA-PBL Week also coincides with National Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month.

This is an excellent opportunity to inform the public about the purpose of school-to-work activities and programs. Here are popular ways to celebrate FBLA-PBL Week:

Sample Proclamation
One month prior to FBLA-PBL Week, get your governor, mayor, or county executive involved in FBLA-PBL Week by having them sign the high-profile proclamation.

Sunday: Share Your FBLA-PBL Story Day
Share your FBLA-PBL story on social media. Tell why you joined, your favorite FBLA-PBL memory, or what FBLA-PBL has done for you. Tag your story on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #WAPBL and #FBLAPBLWeek.

Monday: National Presidents’ Forum & Fight to the Finish
​All three division national presidents (FBLA, PBL, and PD) host a live Internet broadcast to kick off FBLA-PBL Week.

Tuesday: Each One Reach One Day
​Talk to peers and community members about your FBLA-PBL experiences. And, of course, ask them to join! Use these recruitment resources for PBL.

Wednesday: Professional Attire Day/Adviser Appreciation Day
​Dress for success and share your appreciation for those that teach, lead, and mentor your chapter.

Thursday: Career Awareness Day
​Get involved with your Professional Division and connect with community leaders.

Friday: FBLA-PBL Spirit Day
​Show your FBLA-PBL pride by posting a group photo to the FBLA-PBL Facebook page and using the hashtags #WAPBL and #FBLAPBLWeek on Twitter and Instagram.

Saturday: Community Service Day
​Choose a community service project to support. Suggested activities include working with the March of DimesMake-A-Wish, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or conducting a blood drive.​ Any activities can be used for competition at SLC and/or NLC.

State Member of the Month

Each month, Washington State PBL will recognize one outstanding member who contributes exceptional efforts to his/her local chapter and state. At the State Leadership Conference, each monthly winner from October to January will be awarded, and at the National Leadership Conference, each monthly winner from February to May will be awarded.