Washington PBL is led by a talented team of state and chapter officers, advisers, and the board of directors. Everyone works closely with local and state leaders to uphold the vision and mission of Washington PBL and to ensure that the needs of our members are met. All state meetings, conferences, and events are planned and executed by our team.

State Officers

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WA PBL Leadership
Walla Walla CC – Clarkston Chapter President (2018-present)

Awards & Recognition
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Ryan is a virtual member and a senior at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, WA. He is currently working on his Associate of Arts in Computer Information Systems and intends to pursue a Bachelor of Science in I.T. Networking. This is Ryan’s 3rd year in FBLA-PBL. He believes all members should have a great network of people to support them throughout their academic journey and their lives.

WA PBL Leadership
State President (2018-2019)
State Treasurer (2017-2018)
National Western Region Councilmember (2017-2018)

Awards & Recognition
National 5th place: Network Design
WA 1st place: Cyber Security, Desktop Publishing, Network Design, Networking Concepts (x2), Website Design
WA 2nd place: Marketing Concepts, Computer Concepts
WA 3rd place: Help Desk, Impromptu Speaking, Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Sports Management & Marketing

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WA PBL Leadership
Walla Walla CC – Clarkston Chapter Vice President (2018-present)

Awards & Recognition
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Board of Directors

Emma is a business instructor and counselor at Walla Walla Community College in Clarkston. She earned her Bachelor of Science at the University of Oregon and her Master of Science at the University of Phoenix. This is Emma’s 6th year in PBL, and she hopes to uphold PBL and its programs across several chapters, colleges, and universities in the State of Washington.

WA PBL Leadership
State Adviser (2014-present), WWCC Clarkston Adviser (2014-present)

Awards & Recognition
WA Local Outstanding Adviser (2017, 2019)

Alex is a recent graduate from the University of Washington in Seattle, completing his Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Informatics and a certificate in Professional Sales. This is Alex’s 9th year in FBLA-PBL, and he believes in integrating academia and the association to create countless opportunities and inspire the new generation of community-minded leaders around the world.

WA PBL Leadership
State President (2016-2018)
State Secretary (2018-2019)
National Secretary’s Executive Assistant (2016-2017)
National Parliamentarian’s Executive Assistant (2017-2018)
National Treasurer’s Director of Media, Marketing, & Communications (2015-2016)
University of Washington Chapter Co-Adviser & PD Member (2019-present)
University of Washington Chapter President (2015-2019)

Awards & Recognition
National 2nd place: Amazon Headquarters 2 Pilot Case Competition
National 6th place: Job Interview
National 10th place: Integrated Marketing Campaign
National Finalist: Future Business Executive
WA 1st place: Business Communication, Business Presentation, Client Service, Entrepreneurship Concepts, Future Business Executive, Marketing Concepts, Public Speaking, Statistical Analysis
WA 2nd place: Microeconomics, Parliamentary Procedure
Career Membership Achievement Program: Director level
Gold Seal Chapter Award (3 years)
NLC 2019 Scholarship Recipient
Who’s Who in Washington PBL (2017)

Alumni & Emiriti

Washington PBL recognizes the work and success of past state officers, advisors, and administration leaders. We congratulate our past state officers, advisers, and administrative alumni for their honorable service:

Justis Harris – WWCC Clarkston
State Vice President, 2018

Steven Shaw – Whitworth University
State President, 2002-2003
Nat’l Western Region Parliamentarian, 2002-2003

Amy Williams – Virtual chapter
State Parliamentarian, 2018

Jennifer Lara – UW Seattle
State Treasurer, 2018-2019

Jessica Steeby – WWCC Clarkston
State President, 2014

Ian Yu – UW Seattle
State Vice President, 2016

Ashley Olds – WWCC Clarkston
State Vice President, 2017

Tiexiao Wang – UW Seattle
State Vice President, 2018-2019